Friday, April 27, 2012

Pea Pod Purse Dangle

Last Saturday was The Great Cloth Diaper Change.  People gathered at local events help all across the United States and in 15 other countries to change their child's cloth diaper at the same time.  While I didn't attend an event, I did participate in a virtual "gathering" on Google + with Dearest Diapers' Rana Cox.  She was kind enough to even post some giveaways.  Would you believe that I won one?!

What I won was a wonderful little hand-made Pea Pod Purse Dangle from Christina Pratt and her Etsy shop, "Mommy's Little Treasures".  Her shop carries and custom makes a delightful selection of earrings, pea pod and nest necklaces, and a wide variety of Rosaries.  Christina contacted me promptly to check on my preference for the bead colors.  I chose colors that represent my, my husband's, and my son's birthstones.  She later contacted me to let me know that it was made and to give me a confirmation number for the package. 

So here it is, less than a week after the Great Cloth Diaper Change event, and I received the package in the mail!  I opened it and found the dangle slipped inside a small draw bag and everything wrapped in tissue paper.  She also included extra business cards.  I'm so pleased with the details in this dangle.  The birthstone beads were in the order I asked for and the heart shape on the latch just gives it an extra touch.  I'm very pleased with this item! 

Thank you to Rana for hosting the online gathering, and to Christina for providing the cute dangle!