Friday, September 7, 2012

Success, I made a cloth diaper!

So I had been wondering for a while if I could make a basic, inexpensive, but easy to use cloth diaper.  I decided to go with a fitted style because you don't have to worry about folding or stuffing anything.  I also wanted to make it a "one-size" style diaper so that it could be used for a varity of sized children.  After much googling and research, I came across this website that had very helpful suggestions for making a fitted diaper.

So I started out with a couple bath towels that I got out of the dollar bin, drew a basic pattern based off of cloth diapers that I already have,  and on the second attempt, I believe I have a viable option!  

This is the result of the second try.  Very basic but functional.  I have thought about putting velcro on it, but haven't yet.  A snappi works great!  This is NOT waterproof, so it does need a separate cover.  It's black on one side and red on the other (it is reversible since there is no velcro).
Here it is on my 18-month-old son who is 20 pound.  I took this picture without the cover to get an idea of how it looks and fits.  The Snappi holds it on great.  Simply fold down the front of the diaper to get it to the proper size for the child.

I have yet to test it on smaller or larger babies, but it looks good on my little guy.