Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moving Pains

We were are in the midst of packing to move and it has been really hard on me the past few days.  I'm excited about my husbands new job and our new location!  But, we will be moving from the home we own into a 2-bedroom apartment for a time, so I'm trying to sort and pack things according to whether they go to storage, or to the apartment.  We are also going to be selling our house, so the realtor has asked that we de-clutter the house (make it as show-like as possible) before they come in to take pictures and list the house.

With everything going on, I feel like I have been neglecting my 2-year-old, and that that has had some negative impacts.  He has been struggling with potty training the past several days.  The other nights, I collapsed into tears because I hadn't gotten as much as I wanted done and I felt like it was my fault that my little guy was seeming to regress.  My husband told me to take the day off from packing yesterday.

So I did.  The little guy and I curled up on the couch and watched cartoons, played "Taggie-ball" (basketball) and played with his elephant the pops balls up.  It was relaxing, and because I was paying more attention to him, we made it all day without having any accidents (compared to the 1-2 successful bathroom trips the days before).

So now it is back to the challenge to balancing packing, my son, my husband, and housekeeping....