Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saving Money at Target!

One of the ways I am learning about to save money is using coupons.  Don't jump off the train here, I am not going to store canned goods under my kids beds or anything like that.  Just using coupons and sales to buy things I need at lower prices and stocking up on a few non-perishables.  Most of my "stocking up" so far is just things like have a couple extra packs of toilet paper in the linen closet, a couple extra jugs of laundry detergent in the garage, and extra diapers in the baby's closet. 

One of the tricks I have found though is that Target will accept one manufacturer's coupon and one Target coupon on the same item.  This is great... makes for some half-price diapers if you can hit the right sale! 

Here is one of the deals I was able to do the other day.  I had some Gerber Baby Food coupons that were about to expire.  I also had a Target coupon that was good for $2 off any Gerber baby food purchase of $10 or more.  Now, here is where I have to admit my failings... I didn't do my calculations right and ended up with almost $15 worth of baby food instead of just over $10 like I was planning.  However, between the Target coupon, and several Gerber coupons, I was able to save 33% on 4 boxes of baby cereal (rice and oatmeal), 4 (2-packs) of Gerber 1st foods, and 1 (4-pack) of yogurt.

Don't know where to get Target coupons?  Well, some of the ones I have used have come in the mail, and some I got for registering there before my baby was born.  But one place to get them (if you have a printer) is on the Target Website.
Now, if you are like me, you are terrible at taking the time to match up the sales with the coupons.  There's a cheat for that too!  Here!

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