Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Diaper

So about a month ago, I had blogged here that I had won a diaper from the Life With Levi and Kelly Wels.  I received the Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size diaper very quickly and am very pleased with it!

This was my first experience with a Fuzzi Bunz diaper.  When I opened the package, I found the pocket diaper, complete with two inserts (one newborn size and one larger), and replacement elastic for the back of the waist and both legs.  All of the one-size pocket diapers that I have used before have been fairly cheap.  They used a series of snaps in the front to adjust the size.  They also frequently had problems with wing droop. 

The Fuzzi Bunz Elite is totally different!  Rather than using the snaps in the front to adjust the size, it uses elastic in the legs and in the back of the waist.  The elastic is adjustable by changing which button-hole in the elastic the button is through.  I hadn't seen anything like that before.  It took a bit to get it adjusted to my baby.  I really like that method though because I have a very slender little boy and this makes it very customizable.  I wish they made more baby / little boy pants with this method of size adjustment. 

I also like the snap placement.  The triangular placement of the snaps on the tabs keeps the wings from drooping.  I've included a couple pictures of the diaper (with one insert) on my really slender 12-month-old.

While the two inserts are designed to be used separately for different size of babies, I found that I can use both and it works well as an overnight diaper.  The only down side I have found so far is that it can be difficult to get the inserts into position. 

Overall, I really like this diaper.  Would I buy it for myself?  Probably not, I'm too cheap.  But, since I won it, I will definitely keep and use it!  Thanks so much to Jen at Life with Levi and to Kelly Wels for this great diaper!

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  1. I only use FB's and have that same brown one :D I love them, I bought mine on ebay brand new but at a discount and was able to use their bill me later. So I could get fully stocked but pay in 4 payments. To be honest when I did it that way it came out about equal to what I spent per month on disposable.